Dear Della,

Sorry it has been so long since we have written to you. We just wanted to let you know that Bud has been the most wonderful dog we could ever own. He is very intelligent and a great protection dog as you can see with all his trophies. He is the best with our grandchildren. He thinks they are his kids     and when they come to visit he thinks they are here just for him to watch over. Bud is now 12 years  old and is very much a part of our family. He can never be replaced. We love him.

Thank you, Sherry


 Hi Della, Here's a picture of our "baby," Kino. We think she is beautiful. Thanks, Sally



Thought that you might be interested to see what Wrigley looks like at 4 months. We are in love with her, she has brought so much joy to all of us, she has quite the expressive personality, both naughty and nice! Wrigley is fully potty trained to go in one place in the yard. My daughter Lil is her care taker and companion, Wrigley loves her and the feeling is mutual, we call Lil Wrigley's "MOM". Wrigley is beginning to loose her baby teeth, not soon enough, and get the adult teeth in quickly there after. All things have been going well, the visits to the vet have been good. Wrigley is growing fast, it is hard to believe, everyday it seems like she has grown another few inches.
Best, Lil



Axel has been a wonderful addition to our family.  We all love him.’
Thank you ,
Lynn and Lewis


 In June of 2002 Rick & Carla (myself) Logan from Clinton, IA bought a red/black pup from you.  I am inclined to email you because he has grown to be the most beautiful dog we have ever seen.  I take him everywhere I go, well, almost everywhere.  He is VERY large and he fills the entire back seat of my LeSabre.  Women at the bank says he should be in the movies!  Dad's yell out from the side walk as we drive by to tell me what a beautiful dog I have because it caught the attention of his young son!  I walk him down at the Riverfront Park and parents ask if their children can get out of the car so they can pet him.  I can't take him anywhere and NOT receive compliments about what a gorgeous dog he is! We do not have any young children at home yet

but Reno LOVES children and they all LOVE him.  In the summer when they were out in their backyards playing in their pool---Reno would demand to go outside and play in his pool too! And would bark at them to make sure they saw him playing too!  LOL  I baby-sit a 10 yr old boy third shift and Reno sleeps in the room he sleeps in.  When I have guest overnight he sleeps by their bedroom door as if he takes his "guarding" very seriously.  LOL 
Reno did help in catching two men that were hiding from the police behind two of the neighbors houses in our neighborhood one night!  He brought them to our attention and my husband called the police.  (All of the houses on our block have the backyards together separated only by fences and landmarks.  Makes a nice park-like area!)
I have had three shepherds now and while my dad taught me they would turn on their owners, my husband proved to me that they are very loving and loyal guard dogs if they are treated right. 
Five years later---  I never thought he would mean as much to me as my last shepherd "Kaiser" but in his own way---Reno has brought and continues to bring us many happy memories!
Thank-you so much for the care you take in your breeding!!
He sure looks a lot like his dad!!



 Hello Della,

It has been awhile since I have e-mailed you about the dogs I got from you, so I thought I would send a couple photos and give you a quick update. :)
The first photo is of Robey (out of Cinna and Arabella). He is the best dog I know. So loyal, loving, and intelligent. I am a member of a Schutzhund group down near the Quad Cities. Robey is doing quite well in all three phases. I hope to put a BH on him this Summer and perhaps get his Sch1 in the Fall. He is my boy and my life has been very enriched by having him a part of it.
The second photo is of Liesl (out of Yoschy and Duetches). She is my fun and intelligent girl. So much fun to have around! I am also hoping to get her BH this summer. She is an excellent tracker with a deep nose and good on articles. She and Robey had a litter together last Fall that was a very beautiful and nice litter. Sometimes I think this dog reads my mind. She seems to know what I am thinking almost before I think it!
Both Robey and Liesl have loving and wonderful temperments. I can trust them with the smallest of children and the most helpless of baby animals. They are truly a good example of the breed. Strong and protective when need be............loving and gentle when that is called for. Really wonderful dogs.
I also forgot to tell you, both Robey and Liesl have their OFA certificates. You can look them up on the OFA website as well. Robey got a "good" on hips and elbows "normal". And Liesl got a "good" on hips and elbows "normal". I know that has got to make you happy to know that your lines are good in that area. :)
Thank you for them.
Take care,




 Hi Della,

I just wanted to let you know Jerry Lee's first event is coming up.  I am going to K-9 Crunchfest III.  I am going to try for the advanced and see where we get from there.  Of course I hope to be "Top Dog". Also, I attached more photos of Jerry Lee from his police demonstration.
Hope you like them!
 Jerry is:
 30'' high
 32'' long
 90 lbs
 2 1/2 years old
 He is ranked hardest hitting dog from my trainer ;)
 I just got a temporary (2-3 yr) job training at the Hobart, IN Petsmart and Jerry is my demo dog. I always get asked where I got him and I immediately refer them to you.  Hopefully I sent some people your way!  They say that he is so well-behaved and beautiful Shepherd they have ever seen.  Also, for a reference if you ever need one,  Jerry's hips AND elbows checked out Good and Normal.
To enlarge pictures, click images


K-9 Units

BulletThe Vernon Hills Police Department is very fortunate and proud to have Bullet on the department.

Since the middle of 1999, Bullet has patrolled the streets of Vernon Hills with his handler, Officer Vince Utter. Bullet is a 90-pound purebred German shepherd with sable coloring. He was born on September 24, 1997. Officer Utter started with the Vernon Hills Police Department in 1994.


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